Engineering and Projects

We offer a comprehensive service of the complete process of energy transformation, ranging from diagnosis, we propose and execute total or partial energy optimisation measures, implementation of measures and project execution management, Project Management.

URMUSA Ingeniería S.L. promotes environmental benefits, competitive and awareness of habits and practices in your organisation, minimising consumption, energy and maintenance costs.


Development stages

Stage 1
Stage 1

Audit and Certification

We carry out an exhaustive study diagnosing the building's energy weaknesses. We analyse the energy flows, identifying the elements and actions to be taken for optimum efficiency.

    • Total of the building.
    • Partial.
    • Light.
    • Detailed.
    • General Saving Measures.
    • Specific Savings Measures.
    • Project in Design or Execution.
    • Building in operation.

We take care of managing the Energy Efficiency certificates.

Advice, implementation, supervision and monitoring for LEED / BREEAM / ISO 50001 certification.

We carry out different analyses and calculations of the carbon footprint.

Stage 2º
Stage 2º


After our diagnosis of the building, we propose the ideas and concepts to be carried out, defining the parameters of building refurbishment and establishing measures to improve energy efficiency, as well as savings and comfort levels.

We lay the foundations of the actions to be carried out to achieve optimal levels of energy savings and efficiency. We advance in the design, justification report of the general solutions and budget with a global estimate of the actions to be implemented.

Stage 3
Stage 3


We offer the option of continuing with the energy transformation process by taking charge of the drafting and development of the project. We plan the set of objectives and activities to be developed during the execution and implementation phase of the measures pre-established during the technical assessment and diagnosis phase.

We prepare the projects in accordance with the latest technical and regulatory developments. We are familiar with the different energy efficiency programs and policies, bringing the project to the forefront of energy efficiency and with tailor-made solutions.

Stage 4
Stage 4

Project management

We take care of the integral management, execution, supervision and control of the project. We coordinate the different phases and needs of the project. Direction, control and quality management of the energy transformation processes. Optimisation of resources and budgets.

URMUSA Ingeniería S.L. has the experience and global knowledge of the processes of energy rehabilitation and execution allowing its clients a global solution of the transformation process, from the initial study phase to the execution and implementation of measures and project management.