ESG Policy

URMUSA Engineering is an organization dedicated to consultancy for the development of sustainable solutions and decarbonization of the environment.

URMUSA's management team, always hand in hand with its commitment to sustainability and the environment, considers management, economic, social and environmental excellence as a fundamental value, aspiring to achieve a net positive impact on the environment and promote solutions that respond to social needs, climate emergency and energy transition.

The aim of this policy is to formalize the company's commitment to respect for the environment, establishing the reference framework and guidelines to ensure proper management:

  • Comply with the environmental legislation applicable to the company's activities, as well as other requirements or commitments acquired by the company, in order to guarantee environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  • Produce energy free of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the decarbonization of the secondary and tertiary sector in the fight against climate change.
  • Identify, assess and manage the positive and negative environmental aspects and impacts arising from different activities.
  • Ensure the conservation of biodiversity and the responsible use of natural heritage at all stages of the value chain, prioritizing the hierarchy of environmental impact mitigation (prevent, minimize, restore and compensate).
  • Encourage constructive dialogue with public administrations, governments, regulatory bodies, non-governmental organizations, customers, local communities and other stakeholders, with a view to establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships based on transparency in the company's management.
  • Require suppliers and contractors to implement management policies/systems based on the principles of environmental protection and conservation, thus extending the company's commitment throughout the value chain.
  • Implementation and monitoring of these opportunity framework guidelines for the development of all URMUSA employees.
  • Establish and periodically review environmental objectives and targets, through a process of review and training for all senior management positions, developing actions for continuous improvement of our management system to improve environmental performance.

This policy is documented and implemented, and is reviewed periodically to ensure its suitability, adapting and modifying it if necessary.

URMUSA undertakes to provide the human and material resources necessary to guarantee the efficient implementation of this policy, as well as to communicate it to all personnel, both URMUSA personnel and all those who work on its behalf, making it available to interested parties.

Approved at the ordinary committee of the Board of Directors.

Madrid, 14th February 2022